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Just achieved a childhood dream of owning what my father called "Tut Tuts" when holidaying in France.

Mine is one of the last S2200 V2's engine number 3278112 dating it I think to around 1964. I was so pleased to have found it (V5 and an electric rolling road!), managing to buy it at auction from someone who had no experience of Solex's during the lockdown I had done some research but was a bit shocked when I got it home ((about four months after buying her) and started checking it over. The mag rotor had been completely ruined by some one trying to make a key way and was completely split and free to spin around (if none of the broken bits of metal jammed it!), held on by a home made welded rotor nut. There was evidence of what appears to be a new HT lead and coil so I found a replacement rotor and reset the timing using a lamp and the adjusting screw. The contact set had the moveable arm "bent" and I could not get a spark (suspect the capacitor). To cap what were the easily visible faults, there was no air filter, base plate or parts.

So have now compiled a list of parts that I am sure I will need including an air filter base plate etc. I have now got a replacement rotor with keyway, changed points, condenser, coil, plug and reset the timing. I am now totally at a loss as to why I cannot get a spark?

I am determined to start "Tut Tutting" and make that childhood dream come true.

One further quick question I have concerns the carburetor. Is this the same on my 2200 as a 3800? Any help would be gratefully received.


Rob. 🛠️🏍️


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